Bubbles Beyond Borders

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Vintage Yan: Sukuna

The lights go out. For the third time this week, my house, all of Glanvilles, maybe all of St. Philip’s parish, is plunged into darkness. Beep. Beep. Beeeep. My computer’s backup power supply wails in the dark. I stumble from my homework at the dining table to the computer desk and snap the thing off. “Dem damn disgusting!” Mama, my grandmother, says from the veranda. … Continue reading Vintage Yan: Sukuna

UTM TV Goes Live

On Thursday January 28th, the University of Toronto at Mississauga saw the launch of the highly anticipated UTM TV. The project, only in the works since mid-October 2009, is the brain child of Andrew Hamilton-Smith. Andrew, a third year English and History major and former New Editor at the Medium, first thought up the idea for campus-based television programming from observing the unused and underused television screens scattered around the … Continue reading UTM TV Goes Live