One of the Most Powerful Caribbean Songs

Krosfyah was a Bajan soca band. Edwin Yearwood was their lead singer. Not exactly the typical source of profound and prophetic lyrics. And yet, this song has always had a deep effect on me. Maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the idea, maybe it’s the combination. Whatever it is, this moves me in so many ways. Lyrics posted below for the curious. I dare you … Continue reading One of the Most Powerful Caribbean Songs

This About Sums Up 2017

Hurt. Confused. Guilty. Defensive. Grieving. Over-exposed. Maybe it’s not just USA. Maybe the world is grieving for a dream long lost. Maybe civilization is always just a dream and then we wake. Always, to chaos. But WE have built the machines. WE are not dreamers but writers, scholars, giants of intellect. And WE MAKE. But can WE awake?   “Something happened that drove him right … Continue reading This About Sums Up 2017