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The Evolution of Echo Chamber Culture

This magical Information Super-Highway took the demons of our nature and gave them Ferraris. Continue reading The Evolution of Echo Chamber Culture


Brief Origin of a Paradigm

I’ve been reading John Perkins lately and he talks about going to business school in the late 60’s before the doctrine of Milton Friedman became the new normal. To grossly oversimplify Milton’s complex Nobel Prize-winning work: this doctrine advocated the manipulation of the money supply by the government as the primary means of solving economic problems. As such, the only concern of businesses should be … Continue reading Brief Origin of a Paradigm

Startup Marketing Lorem Ipsum

This is my new favourite phrase to describe copy that leaves you thinking “huhh??”. Thanks Sam Biddle! If you blog or use design programs with a placeholder text feature, you’ll recognize “Lorem ipsum” as the default text passage used to suggest content that is yet to be generated or added. While the Lorem is not random garble, it is indecipherable to the vast majority of … Continue reading Startup Marketing Lorem Ipsum