Throat Clearing

It’s been such a long time since I posted. I feel the need to apologize. I’ve been up to lots.

I launched and then quickly ran out of steam on a podcast idea. I did a short-term, wicked cool internship with Ashoka Canada where I learned a ton about social innovation and the mechanics of large scale social change projects. Now, I’ve landed a consulting contract with a media group in Antigua.

I’ll be in Antigua for six months if things go well. If they do not, it may be as short as three more months. Three would suit me fine. I miss Toronto but I’m definitely aiming to knock this gig out of the park.

I also took the u.lab course on edX and met a ton of cool people and had my consciousness expanded by like a mile. Jordan Peterson has also been expanding my mind lately. Every time I listen one of his talks, I get a little bit happier that I got my Bachelors in psychology.

I’m thinking a lot these days about viral story engineering. Peterson has sparked this interest with all his talk about mythological archetypes. Archetypes are an idea from an old school psychologist named Carl Jung (a dude very much glossed over in my degree classes). They could be described as the ultimate memes, those narrative elements that are so powerfully viral that they’ve co-evolved with us for as long as we’ve existed as biological beings.

That shit is deep.

What I want to attempt now is to combine this new narrative lens with the classic changemaker toolkit: empathy, problem solving, teamwork and creativity. I want to plant a few cultural seeds and see what they grow into.

What’s this got to do with communications? Well… everything, because it’s multi-level, multi-perspective, interdisciplinary storytelling. It’s about helping people to express themselves, to understand and to be understood by others so they can achieve common goals.

Wish me luck!

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