Do More. That’s It. Just Do.

A little while ago I wrote about wanting to start a podcast series about startups in Toronto. I had various motivations for wanting to do this. They included:

  1. Wanting to meet more people who worked in startups and become part of the general scene.
  2. Wanting to do something more productive and resume-worthy with all the time I spend on the internet.
  3. Dusting off and polishing my old radio skills and getting over my fear of putting my stuff out in the world for all the eyes and ears to get all over.
  4. The need for a project that excited me, that made me leap out of bed in the morning and filled up empty spaces in my calendar.

I am happy to report that Socent 6ix is now a reality. It launches on September 10, 2016. And while it isn’t exactly my original idea (ideas are alive, they morph; they will not allow themselves to be bottled, caged or static) it does all the things I needed it to do and more.

I pivoted to focusing on social enterprises because it just rings more true for my interests. As someone who volunteers and gets overly excited by social and environmental causes and innovations, it’s fairly natural that I’d end up merging this passion with my growing interest in startups and business in general. Businesses with social missions are everything! I don’t know how I didn’t think to start there in the first place.

I’m already suddenly braver than I know myself to be. I’m corresponding with people who I consider to be heavy-hitters. I’ve been showered with reasons to be inspired, energized and happy-dancingly giddy in the last few weeks as I put the pieces of my podcast puzzle together.

And I’m realizing, that these reasons weren’t absent before. The reasons didn’t come out of nowhere. They came out of my actions, the actions I could have started taking months ago but didn’t. I don’t have a good reason for putting this off. Nor do I have the time or the desire to conduct a post-mortem analysis. I’ll chalk it up to raw fear and take home the lesson, which is this:

Do. Don’t wait. Don’t try. Don’t analyse. Don’t shop it around. Do it. Start. Take an action, preferably one that will require a follow-up action. My big scary move was to email strangers I admired and ask them to do an interview. I knew that if I invited people, I’d have to create a show. Otherwise I’d look stupid and unreliable. So that’s what I did. Now I have a show!

Outsmart your lizard brain. The alternative is it will prevent you from doing important things that you really want to do. And that’s just not acceptable, is it?


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