Socent 6ix: Profiling Toronto’s Social Enterprises

I love podcasts. I’ve learned a ton form people like Ryan Williams, Michael O’Neal and the smooth guys over at the Art of Charm podcast. I’ve also benefited and been inspired by Caribbean Mentors and Do Good Better. I already declared undying love for social enterprise and social innovation in my previous post so I’ll spare ya’ll a rehash. I’ll just say that more and more I’ve been thinking about how I can use my skills to pay forward some of the things I’ve learned on my journey.

Part of being newly obsessed with social innovation is a growing craving to build an online community. I’ve been interested in the Toronto startup scene for a while but being away from the physical place, I’ve found it difficult to keep my finger on the startup pulse. It’s even more difficult to do so with some of the smaller niche companies that have social engines. Sure there’s Startup Here and lots of Facebook groups, some blogs and Meetups but in my search nothing’s given me quite what I’ve been looking for. Nothing gives me a way to easily engage with the community and make new friends and learn new things without physically being in that place.

The obvious route to go from here is to build what I’m looking for:

The Startup 6ix Podcast

All Toronto, all social enterprise, all the time.

Chances are, I’m not the only one looking for it. It will feature interviews with the rising stars and unsung heroes of our lovely city’s socent scene. This won’t be limited to founders but I’ll try to touch on everyone involved in making socially motivated ventures a success.

I think this is an important undertaking because we can’t always make it out to the live events. There’s lots of talent in the city that can’t afford the travel or can’t make the Meetups because of the shifts they work or where they live. Building a strong, interconnected online community would bridge the gap between those in the scene and those trying to break into it. Socent 6ix is going to be that community and it is going to slay!

Watch this space!! MJ’s doing it.



July 11, 2016 is live!


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